Important Information and FAQ

What is a Midwife?

Registered Midwives are formally trained health care professionals. We are specialists in normal birth, and view pregnancy and birth as a normal family event. Midwives are trained to detect and respond to risk factors, respecting the mother as the primary decision maker. The preventive, continuous and personal care provided by midwives can result in fewer complications during childbirth and reduced technological intervention.

Who pays for my midwifery care?

In Ontario, midwifery is fully funded by the provincial government. Therefore, midwifery services are free to all residents of Ontario.

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

No. Midwives are educated to assess if a woman’s pregnancy is low risk.

Will I need to see my doctor as well as my midwife for pregnancy care?

No. Midwives provide complete prenatal and birth care, as well care for you and your newborn for 6 weeks after the birth. You will need to see your doctor for non-pregnancy health issues (eg. sore throat). You and your baby will receive care from your doctor after you leave our care at 6 weeks.

What if my pregnancy becomes complicated, or if my baby has a problem?

Your midwives will consult with an obstetrician or pediatrician according to a strict set of guidelines all Registered Midwives must follow. In some cases, your midwives may transfer your care and/or your baby’s care to the appropriate specialists.

Where do I have my baby?

Your midwives offer the choice of giving birth at home or in a hospital. Barrie Midwives can admit and care for you at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie.

Can I have a midwife if I’m over 35 or under 20?

Yes. Age is not a deciding factor in whether a woman can have midwifery services.

What will my care be like?

  • Clinic visits last about 30-45 minutes.
  • Visits are monthly until 28 weeks, biweekly to 36 weeks, then weekly until the birth.
  • Clients planning a home birth have a prenatal home visit at 36 weeks.
  • Midwives are available 24 hours a day for urgent concerns.
  • After the birth, midwives visit you at home a minimum of three times during the first week. These home visits are to make sure you and your newborn are doing well.
  • Follow up visits are done in clinic until six weeks.

Where do I go for my clinic visits?

Our clinic is located in the Royal Court Medical Centre, 1 Quarry Ridge Rd, Suite 303, next to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie. This facility is fully accessible, and is on the 10 Livingston/20 RVH bus route.

What communities does Barrie Midwives serve?

Our own! We are proud to live and work in Simcoe County. The Ministry of Health defines our catchment area as all of Simcoe County north of Highway 89 and east of Simcoe County Road 10.

Information Sheets

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